Platinum - Our speciality

Platinum - Durable and White

     Platinum is the most durable and whitest of the metals used in jewelry. It's actually the favorite of the metals with which we work. It has a unique set of requirements in order to work the metal correctly. Michael Dickey has been working with platinum since the early 80's and has perfected his skills in working with this metal. Through state of the art laser technology and years of experience, we will provide perfect service in your platinum needs. 

     Platinum is perfect for stone setting and  building custom Jewelry. The resizing  of rings and prong retippings are the most popular platinum repairs. We do them on-site daily and put smiles on our customers faces from our great work.

     Most Jewelry stores think platinum is hard to work on, but that isn't the case for us! We at Michael Dickey design love to work on platinum jewelry pieces. Come on in and let Michael show you how we can put a smile on your face and work your Platinum with ease.

Platinum the facts

     Platinum is a metal with symbol PT and has an atomic weight of 78. The metal is very nonreactive,dense and malleable . The word platinum comes from the Spanish word "platina" meaning"little silver".

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