Diamonds Of All Types

Consierge Diamond Broker Service


     Need a diamond broker with near forty years experience?   Let Certified Master Jeweler Michael Dickey use his experience and connections to find that perfect stone.

     In the diamond industry it is unfortunate that the certificates being supplied with the stones are in many cases overly optimistic to down right fraudulent in their grading of stones.   We evaluate and grade all stones that come into our shop.   About 75% don't make it and are returned to the suppliers.

     We Supply the following types of stones:

          Natural diamonds of all  shapes and sizes.

          Natural colored diamonds of all shapes,sizes and colors.

          Treated colored diamonds of various shapes, sizes and colors.

          Man-made diamonds that can save you 30 to 50% .

     Please come on in and let me show you how forty years of hands-on experience will get you the right stone at the right price.     

Diamond Replacment

     Are you missing a stone?   We do matching and replacement of missing  diamonds and colored stones of all types.

     Bring it by and let us show you how we can help.

Michael Dickey Jewelry Design and Repair Services

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